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Miss Sky Canopy tour has not only met, but far exceeded all standard safety precautions. Built by a highly experienced team who have constructed canopy tours all over the world for many years the intent was to create not only the longest but, the safest canopy tour. In every aspect safety measures have been enhanced well in excess of the requirements of the Costa Rica tourist board to ensure the safest possible experience.


 Email us today for more information or to book a reservation at info@missskycanopytour.com.

All the lines are double wired, 200% of what is required by the Costa Rica tourist
board specifications. The resulting ride is not only extremely safe but has the added benefit of being completely smooth with no spinning and hands completely free of the line if desired, ensuring a smooth stop at the arrival pads

All harnesses are doubled and linked to the primary and a secondary oversized cable. All of the equipment is of the highest quality and exceeds international standards.

Miss Sky Canopy is the only lightning grounded canopy, thereby eliminating the associated danger that other canopy rides are subject to

All continuous connecting platforms are placed on solid ground with no
chance of mishaps. Massive steel reinforced concrete pilings anchor all the cables.

Highly trained and experienced canopy guides are assisting at every moment, constantly checking and rechecking equipment and all aspects of the canopy tour to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

MissSkyCanopyTour meets and exceeds the highest safety standards in the country, as one of only a few Canopy Tours approved by ICT (instituto de turismo de costa rica) This permit means that all our guides are certified, the station and cables are checked by government engineers, our equipment is certified and accepted by the board of tourism in the adventure sport department.

In addition, the permits from the ministerio de salud (health department) show that all our facilities are checked, the water we serve has been approved for drinking and that we are insured by INS (instituto de seguro).
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